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Have love, will travel

Neha Hiranandani has never looked back after being hit by wanderlust

O Captain! My Captain!

The writer and philosopher Robert Pirsig passed away in April, even as United Airlines demonstrated in a spectacular fashion why CEOs need to embrace his ideas  

Selling Nostalgia

Toning down sentimentality just a little bit, British Airways' latest ad urges you to discover something new 

A Class Of One's Own

Owning a vintage car with a royal history is, arguably, the epitome of style and substance 

You Owe Us - Part 1

A few ARCs are aggressively bidding for non-performing assets of banks. Can they fix the bad debt problem or are they throwing good money after bad?

Why Fit In When You Can Stand Out

There is little chance of finding protracted joy in running with the herd

Living With AI

A whole host of start-ups are bringing the power of artificial intelligence to our daily lives — both at home and at work

Micro Focus, Macro Aspiration

Why Bandhan Bank believes its microfinance focus will help it succeed as a universal bank

Nonchalant Wanderer

‘Go where the road takes you’ is something Adecco India MD Priyanshu Singh truly believes in

Taking The Offbeat Route

Thomas Cook skips the scenic locales in its latest campaign on North East travel packages 

A Passage To Kashmir

Kashmir is now home to the country’s longest tunnel, which will connect its two major cities

Getting it Right

The GST regime could be the answer to India’s complex logistics network

The Making Of An Iconic Indian Brand

What does it take to build an iconic brand? How can Indian companies become one?

Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 18

Seven insightful lessons on living a better life

Naveen Tewari

InMobi founder Naveen Tewari on why he's a fan of Ben Horowitz's writing

Camp Out

Want to go on an adventure trip this summer? Deyor will plan it for you

In For A Rough Ride

Demonetisation adds to the existing woes of cycle and auto components in Ludhiana 

A Slow And Painful Grind

Gulbarga falters as the cash ban takes a toll on toor dal and construction businesses

Getting into cruise mode

While demonetisation took away some of the early gains of FY17, companies in Coimbatore hope to bounce back in FY18

Gunjan Srivastava

The CEO of BSH Household Appliances is always up for a challenge in business & in ping pong

Relax in luxury

Time to indulge yourself in an exotic spa experience

Beyond Barriers

Samsung promises to serve you wherever you are 

Road to freedom

For Quess Corp chairman Ajit Isaac, there's nothing more calming than a bike's roar

Deep Kalra and Rajesh Magow

Just like their online travel portal, Deep Kalra and Rajesh Magow’s friendship has stood the test of time

Ajay Bijli and Sanjeev Bijli

Brothers-cum-best-buddies, the PVR founders' compatibility has become the base of their business partnership

On Stands Now