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Imposing tariffs is likely to lead to rising inflation and fall in export competitiveness — hurting US companies more than the rest of the world

Swiggy now has a $3.3-billion valuation, but challenges are plenty and the competition hungry

Paris or milan? French fashion or Italian? It’s a bloodbath between designers — which one are you rooting for? 

Pleasantries aside, Indo-US trade could experience strain when Trump pushes India to further open its market to US companies

The bicycle-manufacturing hub of India is facing heat from China, and its technologically advanced and cheaper products

The good news is we know the bad news. The bad news is economic activity, across major industrial clusters in the country, is shrinking further

The world may be shrinking but global trade is tilting in favour of services, from manufacturing

Will an economics background and intricate understanding of commerce and trade help Nirmala Sitharaman steer the economy through its darkest hour?

The rupee’s resilience has again been blown away by its oldest nemesis: rising crude and foreign outflows. The outlook for the next year is not pleasant either

Biofuel flights might be good for publicity but difficult to scale up

While there may be more pain in the short term, emerging markets are still the best investment opportunity available today

Harley-Davidson wants to boost its sales volume in India by launching mid-segment bikes

Secret Diary of Subhash Chandra — Part 1   

If there is one thing that spooks investors, it is uncertainty. And, the coming months has plenty

Usha Stud Farm has emerged as a leader in the equestrian trade owing to the fierce drive of owner, Ameeta Mehra

Mathrubhumi’s latest campaign reiterates its credibility as a platform for businesses to advertise 

Promoter KV Bala has been on a stock mopping spree in Indowind

Kashmir is now home to the country’s longest tunnel, which will connect its two major cities

Greenply Industries’ promoters make the most of the rally

Kochi’s spice trade is flourishing, but seafood and chemical firms have reason to complain

Analysts expect a bounceback in Sensex earnings post demonetisation

Trump's anti-globalisation ideas may restrict trade and negatively affect corporate profits 

Global trade is changing and that is not going to be good for some economies

The government's massive port modernisation programme Sagarmala will have to steer clear of shrinking global trade to succeed

Games2Win co-founder Alok Kejriwal on his favourite movie franchise — Star Wars