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The MAT issue shows why the government should issue a guideline on how to deal with tax treaty claims

A combination of fresh global liquidity, expectation of low interest rates locally and a benign crude price gets India back in favour on Wall Street

Why Indian companies are tying up with Hollywood releases

Vidhi Singhania unfolds the magic woven by our master craftsmen as she joins the tribe of designers 

In We Are The Nerds, Christine Lagorio-Chafkin narrates the success stories of the founders of Reddit, and insights they gathered

The touch of care is for everyone proclaims P&G in its latest Vicks TVC

Page Industries, the exclusive licencee for Jockey in India, is enjoying its moment in the sun thanks to a robust distribution network and an aspirational brand

Financial analyst Anirudha Dutta reviews A Bank For The Buck 

Young men swear by its design and comfort factor — and here we thought Jockey’s appeal lay in the red waistbands

Over time, consumers have found ways to ignore branding and to keep them interested, ads need to be relevant 

Economist Ajit Ranade reviews Anirudha Dutta’s Half a Billion Rising

The Tiruppur textile cluster has beaten the recession and emerged stronger, besting even international rivals

Having perfected the art of trading in grains, Cargill now wants to make its mark in branded staples

An extract from Jonah Berger's book 'Contagious'

Dalton Capital Advisor's UR Bhat reviews TN Ninan's The Turn Of The Tortoise 

Venky Ganesan of Menlo Ventures on how technology is creating new market places

Failure is the worst that could happen to an Indian entrepreneur, and it could also be the best thing. What flips the story?

Founder and first CEO Marc Randolph tells the incredible story of how Netflix came to be

The audacity to dream and hope killed by the fragility of heart and mind – that’s the tragic story of India’s coffee king, VG Siddhartha

Through the story of an aspiring boxer, Pond's encourages women to follow their dreams

Author Ben Mezrich continues with the Cameron Winklevoss story in his latest follow-up book to The Accidental Billionaires

India's renewable power story faces a nasty twist as rupee heads south

With a focus on affordability and variety, the Sweden-based furnishing major has scripted a success story in almost every country it operates in. Will the script play out here?

Electric vehicles are in for a bumpy ride as automakers hesitate to take the big leap

CMI’s bold risks have ensured that its growth story has kept up with time. With the acquisition of General Cable’s Baddi plant, it is now going after the big boys

Don’t just plan your dream wedding, turn it into your very own film production