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Making a perfect meal, with even homebaked breads, for friends old and new is what Juergen Hase, CEO of Unlimit, enjoys doing on his days off

With its new campaign, Maggi urges millennials to step into the kitchen and become independent

Panetteria has a do-it-yourself solution for the average woman's cooking woes

Tim Cook admonishing his Silicon Valley brethren for their data gluttony at the EPIC Champions event

Tim Cook admonishing his Silicon Valley brethren for their data gluttony at the Electronic Privacy Information

Low margins and high cigarette taxation have dented ITC’s growth   

Today's world underscores the axiom that the market can stay irrational longer than the investor can stay solvent

Be it in a boardroom or on a golf course, J Walter Thompson South Asia CEO, Tarun Rai, always plays to win

The country’s largest passenger car maker has taken a knock over yen worries, but its stock is still not a screaming 'buy' 

Swallow Associates, picked up 996,000 shares at an average price of ₹25.08 a share from the open market

World famous watchmakers and their creations help you appreciate the mechanics of measuring the immeasurable

Oil marketing companies have hit a 52-week low on the back of hardening crude and rupee depreciation

BBlunt's founder Adhuna Bhabani is always chasing goals on and off the field

In an election year, the government could succumb to farmers’ demands and risk a rising deficit

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller is the new classic for world travellers with its revolutionary design and technology

TeamLease co-founder Mohit Gupta offloads stake worth Rs.50 crore in FY18

Till Roenneberg takes a closer look at how our internal clock and sleeping pattern affect our lifestyle choices

Why does everyone perceive time differently? Alan Burdick explores this notion in Why Time Flies

The bond bear market has begun, although not a dangerous one for bond investors

5Star 3D promises to transport you to new places, after just one bite

From newspaper tossing to Bridge at Borsheims, the weekend in Omaha was picture perfect as usual

The touch of care is for everyone proclaims P&G in its latest Vicks TVC

Hyperloop Transportation, through a collaborative effort wants to make travelling through high-speed tubes a reality

Oswal Greentech has sold its entire holding in NDTV for Rs.75 crore

Can breakfast cereal makers convert Indian eating habits by tapping local flavours?