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Journalist and author Binyamin Appelbaum narrates how economist Walter W Heller gained popularity in Kennedy's office

Ambi Parameswaran reviews Ruchir Sharma's book, 'The Rise and Fall of Nations' 

In his last book, economist Alan Krueger tells us what creates a superstar in any given field

Author and economist Allison Schrager shares with us lessons on risk management from the most unlikely places, like brothels

Harvard Business School professor Bharat Anand on using the internet to foster customer interaction

How can one make the most of decisions that are not guided by logic? Behavioural economist Dan Ariely explains

How does Economics affect our lives? Journalist Tim Harford explains more in The Undercover Economist

Behavioural economist Dan Ariely describes the paradoxical nature of dishonesty

Tom Wainwright outlines the economic realities of running a drug cartel

What drives your decisions when reason is not in charge? Behavioural economist Dan Ariely discovers in 'Predictably Irrational'

Richard Iley, chief economist, emerging markets, BNP Paribas, talks about the prospects for the Indian market  

The Danish bank's chief economist presents tongue-in-cheek forecasts for 2016

Economist Ajit Ranade reviews Anirudha Dutta’s Half a Billion Rising

The subject of this issue's cover story, economist, Harry Dent, has experienced both fame as well as ignominy

Economist Harry Dent talks about The Demographic Cliff and why he thinks the party is not going to last for long

Who will be the defining economist of this crisis — and why it matters