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The government’s decision to merge state-owned banks hardly provides a viable solution to key problems plaguing the sector

P2P platforms are growing at a furious pace as banks become risk-averse towards small and medium enterprises

A challenging environment and lingering stress on the loan book continue to cloud the sentiment for banking stocks

The RBI's largesse in the form of the 5/25 scheme might lead to banks trying to evergreen dud loans

Nandan Chakraborty on combining his passion for philosophy and equities

The focus on affordable housing has fuelled interest in housing finance stocks, which have gained 65% in a year

Leading finance minds on how to navigate the funding environment in 2017 

Leading experts crystal gaze at the inaugural Outlook Business Brunch Roundtable 

Following a massive rerating on the Street, most stocks are trading at four times their historic book value

Finnish finance minister Alexander Stubb on how devaluation may not necessarily help deal with an economic downturn

Housing finance companies have had a good run thus far but rich valuations are unlikely to sustain in future

Paytm is looking to cash in on its e-wallet franchise to fuel its growth as a payments bank

Finally, India’s biggest small carmaker seems to have a serious competitor. Can the latter really build on its initial success? 

Mid-sized infra players make hay as leveraged biggies continue to flounder

With its low-cost satellites, Planet Labs is bringing the benefit of real time data access to just about everyone

Sedemac empowers the brain of small engines with strong algorithms to perform better   

Here’s why small finance banks may not only help serve the unbanked rural population but also ensure credit growth

Kinara Capital provides small ticket loans to enterprising SMEs that lack access to formal bank credit

Small cars have become hot property, especially with Bajaj's new four-wheeler and Tata's repositioned Nano

After dropping sharply in the past six months, small-caps and mid-caps have started showing price recovery

A peek into Abhishek Somany's incredible die-cast model car collection made from the rare mints of Europe and the US

An excerpt from 'The Small Big: Small changes that spark big influence' by Steve Martin, Noah Goldstein & Robert Cialdini

Every media player wants a shot at the over-the-top content market. Which one will crack the puzzle first?  

Avinash Vashistha, CMD, Accenture, on how to keep employees motivated during tough times

Soaring real estate costs make companies rethink their expansion into tier 2 cities, for now

Rapid expansion in overseas markets is expected to drive Manipal Global's growth in the years to come