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David Stulb, global leader, fraud investigation and dispute services, EY, on how to combat the threats facing a digitised economy

An expert in security and current President of Microsoft, Brad Smith discusses the importance of privacy in a digital age

With a witty campaign featuring Ayushmann Khurrana, Godrej Security Solutions urges people to prioritise security at home

In his latest book, former con man and now a security consultant Frank Abagnale talks about what makes someone vulnerable to get scammed

Ambi Parameswaran lists ways media companies can define their digital blueprint based on Bharat Anand’s analysis in ‘The Content Trap

Godrej Locking Solutions has the ultimate failsafe product to protect your home

Genecorp crafts customised weight loss plans based on a thorough DNA analysis report 

Crowd security testing platform Threatbar has your back no matter what the bugs are in your software

Famed hacker Kevin Mitnick on how to protect your privacy on the web in 'The Art Of Invisibility' 

Smart autonomous robots are Knightscope’s answer to the rising threat of violence and crime in the US  

Bob Robotti on why a value investor’s conviction is bound to be tested time and again in the market

Decades after the idea was first floated and years after the state decided to revisit it, the Shivaji-at-sea project gets a deadline

Demographics may dominate investment returns for the next few decades

An extract from MS Swaminathan's book Combating Hunger And Achieving Food Security pressing on various issues relating to agricultural production in India 

Even C-Suite executives need to prepare to live in environments where job security is a thing of the past

Huawei's Eric Xu questioning Beijing's rigid information security policy

Will polls and deleveraging by banks trigger a slump in real estate prices?

Chetan Parikh on rewriting The Intelligent Investor

His style is more Graham than Buffett given the amount of money he manages currently, but Amitabh Singhi has got Buffett’s Rule No.1 nailed

Akhil Dhawan on his day out with Buffett

The difference between destructive ‘groupthink’ and rational analysis

The private security industry is buzzing with activity and heightened investor interest

Cheap land and ample power is drawing industries to Halol

Analytics are helping companies launch new products, cut costs, grow revenues and decode customer reactions. They are changing the way business is done