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He has seen various crises in his years working in companies such as PepsiCo, Nokia, and HUL. He believes a slowdown is when you draw your teams closer and go shopping for bargain buys

BCG’s Rajah Augustinraj urges SMEs to look at digital technologies not as threats but opportunities  

Jeff Jarvis on how your company can be as successful as the Internet juggernaut 

Pidilite’s Madhukar Parekh has institutionalised his instinctive approach, laying the ground to perpetuate its spectacular success  

Secret Diary of D Shivakumar Part-2

Even C-Suite executives need to prepare to live in environments where job security is a thing of the past

Cab-hailing service provider Uber is all set to get its hands on Nokia's native map app Here

Stiff competition and the vagaries of scale have meant that the Davids of the Sriperumbudur cluster are fast racing

While Nokia may have sold out to Microsoft lock, stock and barrel, its Chennai factory has been left in the lurch

Is the country seeing the beginning of an e-book reading revolution?

IMD Business School professor Bill Fischer on the importance of innovation

Companies need to be flexible to remain relevant in a changing environment

Cricket advertising has been a breeze so far, but those splurging on it are now asking some hard questions

Why Indian companies are tying up with Hollywood releases

Telcos are slashing tariff to shore up revenues from data services. But will it be enough to recover their huge investments in 3G licenses?

Blackberry has been losing market share globally. Can it stay on course in India?

After losing its hold over the Indian market, Nokia is trying to regain its lost ground. Has it got its strategy right this time?