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Promoters of Jyothy Labs sell shares worth Rs 2.68 billion to reduce debt

American businesses have a long history of risk taking, even from their whaling days, writes Tom Nicholas

Edelweiss Securities' head of research sees huge potential in Dr Reddy's, and also an attractive valuation 

In Ankleshwar, feisty MSMEs that survived the Chinese onslaught say that the fight against red tapism is harder

Dr Reddy’s promoter GV Prasad buys in the open market amid growing headwind

MP Ramachandran, CMD, Jyothy Laboratories on five ways to ensure a successful post-merger integration

How Jyothy Laboratories sparked growth in brands bought from German consumer giant Henkel

Ambi MG Parameswaran decodes Nassim Taleb's acerbic take on being accountable for one's decisions in 'Skin In The Game'

By focusing on its strength in manufacturing lyophilized injectables, Gufic Biosciences has made a strong comeback and wants to aggressively push into the EU market next

When change sets in, companies initially live in denial, and when it catches up, it’s too late

Betting on quality and structural themes is the key to Gautam Sinha Roy’s investing success

The independent market expert believes Jyothy Labs’ prima facie bad news should be seen as an investment opportunity

A strong product pipeline and receding US FDA threat could well turn the tide in favour of the beleaguered pharma players

Is the Internet changing the way we think? Author Nicholas Carr finds out in 'The Shallows'

The domestic pharma industry, which is already battling the US FDA, has now to contend with regulatory challenges at home

An extract from Nassim Nicholas Taleb's book 'Antifragile: Things that gain from disorder'

About 200 rare books on Indian art recently changed hands at an online auction

Hyderabad’s pharma players are adapting to a regulatory backlash and fighting back against dumping from China

After a dream run, Sun Pharma is grappling with growth and regulatory issues. Can the country’s biggest drug maker rediscover its mojo?

Trivitron Group's MD wants to leverage his expertise in healthcare to fund disruptive ideas in that space

Can Jyothy Laboratories’ transformation help it outrun its competitors in the FMCG market?

Jyothy Laboratories' joint managing director and CFO on his favourite artist and much more

As their tax holiday draws to a close, many pharmaceutical units are unsure about their future in the hilly Baddi

Drug majors are shifting clinical trials out of India as lawmakers turn on the heat

Nephroplus’ Vikram Vuppala’s eight-wheelers can outrun any fancy car