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For Yudhishthir Khatau of Varun Shipping, staying outdoors is more of a regime than a welcome break

Suma Agro is improving crop yields by restoring soil fertility in an organic way

Honey Hut plans to bring a new twist to the concept of cafe chains 

PI Industries has a huge and hungry market for its agri inputs

For Arpwood Capital's Rajeev Gupta, gardening is both a devoted pursuit and a green initiative

IDFC Mutual Fund's Anoop Bhaskar on how his investing style has evolved over the years

Just as a dying canary would warn miners about poisonous gases building up in a tunnel, a good set of indicators is essential for any manager, says Ishaat Hussain, former director of Tata Sons

The vice president & country manager of Western Digital India is an adventure lover, who enjoys everything from cycling in the hills to bungee jumping in New Zealand

Chairman and Group CEO of Wunderman Thompson South Asia knows how to spend his leisure time in style — in the lap of nature or indulging in delectable Thai food

Sewage treatment plants that mimic nature could heal our lakes, stop deaths in poorly aired sewage systems and save us money

  Desserts from Sarrah Kapasi and Alfiya Attarwala are tempting but they aren’t sinfully so  

&Me's Ayurvedic fruit juices are ideal for today's active women needs

These foreign dog breeds are on the wishlist of every pet lover

Pianos that offer a soulful experience for every music-lover

Does the time of day affect the nature of your decisions? Dan Pink reveals in When

What is the nature of the impact of the digital revolution? MIT Professor Sherry Turkle reveals in Alone Together

Godrej Nature’s Basket's MD is a discerning theatregoer, who wouldn't mind acting in a Shakespeare play

Behavioural economist Dan Ariely describes the paradoxical nature of dishonesty

Britannia Industries is evaluating new products like cereal bars and croissants. Will the strategy succeed?

Etihad Airways' India vice president reveals her favourite international getaway

It’s good to be out in the wild and feel the vastness of nature

AgSri’s innovative solutions are ensuring bountiful gains for farmers

Cold-pressed juices have joined the long list of must-haves for the health conscious 

The Piramal group chairman is a believer in the Gita and for whom equanimity is second nature

Sonali Kulkarni & Ravi Venkatesan on their love for nature and animals

While India's wealthy have done their bit for many years, philanthropy in the true sense is only taking form now