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Healthcare IT player Attune Technologies has already processed 2 million patient records -- and counting

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Mega infra plan for constructing highways worth Rs.7 lakh crore receives the green signal

A strong product pipeline and receding US FDA threat could well turn the tide in favour of the beleaguered pharma players

How the price of uncertainty threw up a great bargain in the form of Cadila Healthcare and how his relative bet on NTPC didn’t work out

Merck’s Neurobion urges India to lend a helping hand to four bravehearts

Afraid that you may have bought a fake luxury label? Authenticate your purchase with Uniqolabel

The country’s biggest stock exchange has lost its aura in recent times. A look at what went wrong

AddressHealth is looking to build a sustainable model for school health programmes

Vikalp aims to democratise maths among children of government and affordable private schools through learning aids

Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant believes it’s imperative for enterprises to go global

eSahai's medical taxi services ensure it is by your side in an emergency

Synthite has emerged as the country’s largest exporter of value-added spices

Fortis Healthcare promoters are unlocking some value on their own

Nothing comes in the way of his early morning run for BS Ajai Kumar of HealthCare Global Enterprises 

Even as it battles the US FDA, the industry has been caught off-guard by policy changes back home

With mindless money invested and unrealistic valuations prevailing, what qualifies for a bigger tamasha — the stock market or the IPL?

Greenply Industries’ promoters make the most of the rally

Sundaram Mutual’s Krishnakumar has got the edge, thanks to his ability to spot mid-cap winners early

Hyderabad-based SuVitas wants to set new standards in post-hospitalisation transitional care

After the encouraging return delivered by 2016 IPOs, the 2017 pipeline is already chock-a-block

The pact with oil marketing PSUs for 2G bio-ethanol projects is just the beginning of a new chapter for Praj Industries

Wipro can narrow the growth gap with its peers quicker than many investors think as its energy and utilities business bounce back

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