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Pat Dorsey, Founder, Dorsey Asset Management

Moat-rich companies can quickly turn into allegory and here’s why it can all go wrong

Simto Investment Company's chief investment officer Rajesh Bhatia reviews Why Moats Matter

Underlying Warren Buffett's approach of investing in companies with strong moats is the elimination of the reliance on growth  

If PSU stocks continue to fall, these companies with a strong moat and compelling market share can become bargain picks

Motilal Oswal Financial Services's head of institutional research believes a favourable product life cycle and better return through margin expansion will drive Maruti’s performance

Trying to fathom what Warren Buffett does is really not as important as understanding why he is doing something when he is doing it

Chetan Parikh of Jeetay Investments on how capital misallocation can even impact moat-rich companies

Amansa Capital founder Akash Prakash on why moat investing is harder than it seems

In the second part, Raamdeo Agrawal talks about the challenge of identifying a moat

Value investor Raamdeo Agrawal on his understanding of a economic moat