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On a Collision Course

It’s a do or die battle as local taxis slug it out with Ola and Uber. But it’s not going to be a joyride for the cab aggregators either

Counting the miles

Meru Cabs' CEO Siddhartha Pahwa has been crossing the finish line, one stride at a time

Citrus Pay

After a payment gateway and e-wallet, Citrus Pay is working on getting more merchants to go the digital way

Ensuring a smooth ride

MoveInSync is helping companies get their employees home – and back – safely 

Spreading cash like manure

Start-ups are on steroids due to the deluge of cheap capital. Is it too much, too soon?

Are You Kwidding Me?

If looks could kill, Renault has a category killer on the loose

App-titude test

Online players are experimenting with app-only and app-first strategies to make the most of the rise of mobile internet. Is the trend sustainable?

Ready, steady, roll

Increasing traffic snarls and fuel costs are driving commuters to fleet taxis

Let’s wrap it up

Cashurdrive is on the move, powered by big-ticket advertisers and failing competition

The cab is their oyster

Why advertisers are driving campaigns onto radio taxis.

On Stands Now