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In The Prosperity Paradox, Clayton M Christensen advocates attacking poverty from a whole new angle

Bhiwadi-based industrial unites are hoping for a new elevated road to lift their fortunes

Can’t decide optimal pricing for new B2B products? Your customers might have answers

Foundries, the backbone of industry in Coimbatore, have a tradition of keeping pace with change. But GST has tripped them up

What are the insensible practices in product innovation today, let’s ask our tomorrow

With empathetic policies and a familial environment, SEWA Rural is truly an ideal workplace for women

The subsistence crop of yesteryears, ragi has been revived through breakfast cereals, snacks and health drinks

Outlook Business-Great Place to Work® India bring you the second annual listing of the Best Workplaces for Women in the country

Recovering from an illness can be done in sinful indulgence; head to Fortis Memorial and Aster Medcity, two of the most luxurious hospitals in India

For 'loony', path-breaking ideas, you don't need exceptional individuals but the right organisation, writes Safi Bahcall    

Four engineers want to revolutionise how the blind learn to read and write, and they’ve brought a teacher along for the task

In a new study, McKinsey Global Institute notes how digital technology can transform traditional business

There are whiskies and cognacs that are hidden away by luxury hotels, for they are so rare and cannot be frittered away

Ambi Parameswaran learns the reason behind the rise of prosperity and knowledge in Steven Pinker’s Enlightenment Now

Some companies are going beyond their brief and creating conditions for women employees to succeed

How a third-generation scion of a tea company ended up as a preferred component supplier to Boeing

Camlin Fine Sciences’ strategy of scaling new geographical and product frontiers is set to pay off after bleeding it for two years

Pandorum’s ability to 3D print human tissues is a boon for medical research

Former FBI behavioural analyst Robin Dreeke decodes the method to inspire trust

Can incentives do more harm than good? Sante Fe Institute's behavioural science professor Samuel Bowles has the answer

In the world of glitz and glamour, Vidya Balan has left an indelible mark with her incredible talent and by staying true to herself

AddressHealth is looking to build a sustainable model for school health programmes

Performance thoroughbreds from the stables of Porsche, Jaguar Land Rover and Aston Martin  

The recent Lockheed-Tata deal will boost defense manufacturing in India

What does it take to be a real leader? Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones explain in this extract

HDFC Life's senior EVP Sanjay Tripathy reviews Martin Lindstrom's book 'Small Data'