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Even though the disclaimer on most advertisements may scream, 'past performance is not an indicator of future results', consistent return is the best guide to pick the right manager

Ulrike Malmendier and Geoffrey Tate compare the performances of CEOs with award-winning CEOs

Researchers find out if increased pressure on managers to outperfom is making them risk takers

The founder of India's premier mutual fund tracking agency on why it's imperative to know who's managing your money

Where most investors see trouble, Anil Shah sees an opportunity and that has helped him stay ahead of the game

Low margins and high cigarette taxation have dented ITC’s growth   

As the market tumbles, mutual fund managers recommend pharma, private banks and specialty chemicals to tide over the volatility

Playtime is up for asset management companies, who have been designing imaginative schemes, as Sebi steps in with new regulations. Now it is time for fund managers to colour within the lines

Consensus estimates have built in 20% earnings growth for the upcoming fiscal 

The annual Outlook Business-Value Research ranking of fund managers separates the men from the boys 

While mutual funds propagate long-term investing, to pick a manager who can deliver market-beating return is a grossly understated challenge 

The GMO co-founder on why fund managers could perforce end up investing in emerging markets

The country's leading wealth advisors share their wisdom at the sixth Outlook Business private wealth annual roundtable, Upper Crest - Part 3

Aluminium, copper and zinc prices are at a multi-year high, on increasing demand and tighter supplies

Michael van Biema on his investment style, picking fund managers, and his take on India

Your definitive guide to India's best fund managers

The benchmark indices have corrected 5% since November 8 after the currency ban came into effect

Central banks have been overburdened since ’08 with their new role as crisis managers

Spotting winners in high growth sectors has made all the difference for Neelesh Surana

Potential credit downgrades and defaults look worrisome for debt mutual funds

JP Morgan's Bharat Iyer and ASK Investment's Prateek Agrawal on what’s in store for the market

The AMC asking its employees to invest in its funds will ensure that investor interest is taken care of

The annual budgeting process leaves both managers and employees frustrated needs a complete overhaul

Hair's CEO on why he brought home Chinese executives from worldwide locations and replaced them with local managers

In 16 sessions, the benchmark index has corrected 10% from its all-time closing high of 29,682 in January

This special issue on outperformers delves into the jaw-dropping return of many individual stocks in 2014

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