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How The Culture Machine founders hit it off over their common passion for creating video channels

Recovering from an illness can be done in sinful indulgence; head to Fortis Memorial and Aster Medcity, two of the most luxurious hospitals in India

Indian pharma majors are facing their toughest year yet in the US, with regulatory clampdown, hostile political environment and falling prices. Is reinvention the answer to their woes?

With Vaibhav Global trading near its 52-week high, promoters sell stock worth Rs.1.34 billion

Four engineers want to revolutionise how the blind learn to read and write, and they’ve brought a teacher along for the task

In a new study, McKinsey Global Institute notes how digital technology can transform traditional business

Some companies are going beyond their brief and creating conditions for women employees to succeed

DB Corp promoter Sudhir Agarwal and related entities tender stock worth Rs.1.10 billion in the just concluded buyback

Visit’s AI-driven chatbot is looking to change the way patients consult doctors

Astrome is eyeing the skies to provide high-speed internet to developing nations

Pandorum’s ability to 3D print human tissues is a boon for medical research

Dr Reddy’s promoter GV Prasad buys in the open market amid growing headwind

V-Guard & Wonderla founder Kochouseph Chittilappilly sells stock worth Rs.70 crore

Can incentives do more harm than good? Sante Fe Institute's behavioural science professor Samuel Bowles has the answer

In the world of glitz and glamour, Vidya Balan has left an indelible mark with her incredible talent and by staying true to herself

AddressHealth is looking to build a sustainable model for school health programmes

Secret Diary of Devi Prasad Shetty Part-1

Secret Diary of Devi Prasad Shetty Part - 2

Start-ups are finding it difficult to crack the cartelised, highly tech-averse freight transportation industry in India

Wonder Grass is looking at gaining scale by making bamboo houses more affordable

Priyadarshini Taxi is of and by women, but for everybody

Who is responsible for the increasing number of highway deaths due to massively overloaded trucks?

In the big competitive world of textiles, Sanjita Prasad has carved a niche for herself with Amaltas International — but not before winning the battle of the sexes

Reigning Bollywood queen Deepika Padukone on her journey to stardom and why she wants to remove the stigma attached to mental illness

A look at Marwari heritage over the years with author, DK Taknet

Is the Indian film industry looking at a paradigm shift towards VFX or is it too soon?