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Researchers created an experimental model to see how readers interact with ad content across media

DSP Mutual Fund ropes in internet sensation ‘Dancing Uncle’ to show how investors can time the market better with DAAFs

Times Internet has grown by transforming into a company with multiple digital products, all drawing power from a dynamic centre

Our language carries the imprint of our individual lives, even in this digital age, writes Internet linguist Gretchen McCulloch 

The first internet company to be listed in India, Info Edge’s ability to consistently generate cash allows it to invest in different avenues of growth

Harvard Business School professor Bharat Anand on using the internet to foster customer interaction

Artificial intelligence, blockchain and internet of things are fast becoming the fulcrum of business transition

Astrome is eyeing the skies to provide high-speed internet to developing nations

From Ada Lovelace to Grace Hopper, Claire Evans pays tribute to the pioneering women in technology

In today’s age when the industry is looking to AI and IoT for answers, our institutions are unable to keep up with the skill requirements

IIM Calcutta dean, Biju Abraham, highlights the pros and cons of the big data revolution discussed by 'Everybody Lies' author, Seth-Stephens Davidowitz

Eli Pariser reveals how the Internet confines us to our own 'information cocoon'

Is the Internet changing the way we think? Author Nicholas Carr finds out in 'The Shallows'

Jeff Jarvis on how your company can be as successful as the Internet juggernaut 

Reed Hastings on how he’s making Netflix future ready - Part 3

Video streaming players are facing a challenging growth curve

Astro Teller, the head of X, which is working on some of Google’s most ambitious  projects, talks on what’s going on at the “moonshot” factory

A graphical representation of the changing tech and media landscape in the US

An extract from Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg's book on the internet services giant 

Secret Diary of Sanjeev Bikhchandani Part-3

Growing Internet penetration and smartphone adoption is driving marketers towards digital advertising

Earlier with ICICI Ventures and now with Multiples Alternate Asset Management, Renuka Ramnath has always taken the road less travelled 

Online players are experimenting with app-only and app-first strategies to make the most of the rise of mobile internet. Is the trend sustainable?

As the internet of things seeks to change business, HCL Technologies is gearing up with a connected portfolio

At the 2015 WEF, business leaders and investors discuss the need to disrupt the market before big data disrupts you

The government’s Digital India plan is a good thing but its success depends on an enabling ecosystem