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Warren Buffett on why giving is more rational than hoarding

Pidilite’s Madhukar Parekh has institutionalised his instinctive approach, laying the ground to perpetuate its spectacular success  

A look at Marwari heritage over the years with author, DK Taknet

TCS' $35-million gift to Carnegie Mellon University is in sync with the philanthropy practised in the United States and by the Tata group

Dasra roundtable on harnessing power of mobile technologies for good governance

Several NGOs are striving to bridge the gap between policy and implementation

They may have different styles and priorities, but new-age philanthropists have their hearts in the right place

The man who anonymously gave away his multi-billion dollar fortune explains his approach to philanthropy

An extract of Story 6 from Forty Chances, this chapter summarises the genesis of the Buffett family's philanthropy

While India's wealthy have done their bit for many years, philanthropy in the true sense is only taking form now

The Zoroastrian philosophy of “good thoughts, good words, good deeds” has been the raison d’être for the Tata trust

A private equity maven explains why improved the education quality is the key to reform and philanthropy in India

The former CEO of IDFC Private Equity is at home with philanthropy and education

India Inc is looking at education — not just as philanthropy but as a business in itself