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Plus-size apparel is here to stay, and Bengaluru-based The Pink Moon has bootstrapped its way into the market

Bengaluru’s Masai School promises you a Rs.50,000 a month package. If it fails, you don’t pay a thing

This Bengaluru-based start-up is on a mission to change the mental health diagnosis technique in India

Bengaluru may be known as the tech city of the country, but a recent report sheds light on how the capital is gaining an edge when it comes to start-ups

This Bengaluru-based start-up can diagnose drug-resistant tuberculosis in just five hours

Bengaluru-based As-It-Is Nutrition offers an easy, no-frills solution to the ‘Where do you get your protein, bro?’ conundrum 

India’s tech capital is growing to become a major force in the overall global start-up ecosystem

Bengaluru-based scooter-rental wants to take the dread out of short city commutes  

Blue-collared workers can now avail loans easier, thanks to Bengaluru-based PerkFinance

A Bengaluru-based start-up is using sound waves to transfer data, which could change the way digital payments are being done

Bengaluru-based start-up Vaultedge has developed an AI software that retrieves voluminous data in minutes

Bengaluru’s Oceo provides a cost-effective and more sustainable solution to clean drinking water

India’s Silicon Valley is now home to the country’s first heli taxi service

Bengaluru-based Machinup helps your manufacturing equipment increase its productivity while reducing your cost via AI

Be it Cubbon Park in Bengaluru or Central Park in New York, Max Retail's Vasanth Kumar won't skip the jogger's path

Myntra CEO Ananth Narayanan's cellar holds his most prized collection

Pick a plot, grow your crop and take it home, Bengaluru-based Farmizen makes farming easy

Bengaluru-based Fyle uses AI to simplify expense management 

AddressHealth is looking to build a sustainable model for school health programmes

Bengaluru-based Omnicuris is the online tutor for practising medical professionals

Tesco Bengaluru’s Glen Attewell has found a trusted companion & stressbuster in his bicycle

Why top defence agencies across the world have their eyes set on Bengaluru-based Tonbo Imaging

Luv Gupta's Butterfly helps you pursue your passion

Bengaluru-based Forus is making eyecare accessible in rural areas with its portable, cost- effective device 

What makes Wonderla Holidays an attractive bet in the amusement park space

'Tiger' Ramesh learnt some lessons on life from animal instincts