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Howard Kunreuther's Mastering Catastrophic Risk is a preventive guide that helps entrepreneurs anticipate disruption

Howard Marks’ Mastering The Market Cycle drills into you why understanding, assessing and dealing with risk is crucial to investment success

Ambit Capital’s head of research, Nitin Bhasin, on what separates a handful of Indian companies from the also-ran

Wharton professor Philip Tetlock and journalist Dan Gardner on how you can improve your ability to predict

A collection of interviews of global thought leaders, practitioners and market mavens

The guru of forensic accounting, Howard Schilit, on the games companies play

On how ARCs are helping fix the bad loans problem

Anoop Bhaskar strives to protect capital and beat the benchmark consistently   

Microsoft’s Tren Griffin on what makes Charlie Munger’s investment strategy work and why direct investing is not for everyone

In the final part, Chetan Parikh talks about reducing errors and increasing insights

An extract of Story 6 from Forty Chances, this chapter summarises the genesis of the Buffett family's philanthropy

Warren’s duet with Paul Anka and a marriage proposal were the highlights of this year’s Warren and Charlie show

Howard Graham Buffett on his real passion and his future role at Berkshire Hathaway

Why Starbucks is taking a measured approach to expansion of its coffeehouse chain in the country

Defining moments in the life of Warren Buffett

Jason Jennings, motivational speaker and corporate coach

“Masterspeak”, features interviews with 15 prominent global thought leaders

Psychologist Howard Gardner explains why a successful business leader may not be a good business leader

Why India Inc's new ventures aren't working?