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Jeff Jarvis on how your company can be as successful as the Internet juggernaut 

An extract from Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg's book on the internet services giant 

Truecaller’s campaign highlights all its new features that make it a one-stop communication platform 

Gupshup’s chatbots help businesses converse with clients anytime, anywhere

Stephen Denning writes about building a nimble organisation that can adapt to changes quickly

Semly Pro's 'negative keywords' tracker saves money on digital marketing

To deal with regulatory and competitive pressure, mobile wallet players are tweaking their business model to live another day

Aditya Puri is on a digital quest to transform the country’s biggest private lender

Be careful before you remove the human from the consumer engagement equation 

Google, Gates Foundation and other global companies have adopted this management tool. John Doerr writes all about it in 'Measure What Matters'

Dimension NXG’s AR headset is best  in class both in terms of price and performance

Astrome is eyeing the skies to provide high-speed internet to developing nations

Artificial intelligence, blockchain and internet of things are fast becoming the fulcrum of business transition

What should be your reaction to the success of investors who buy and hold seemingly overvalued stocks?

Giverny Capital’s Francois Rochon on sizing up management, and why investing is an imprecise art

Scott Galloway takes a critical look at how the "four horsemen" of tech made their way to the top

Amazon wants you to upgrade your lifestyle with its Alexa-enabled Echo

Dan Senor and Saul Singer dig into how Israel transformed into a hi-tech country in the face of adversities

Started by a bunch of IITians, Smartivity is making learning fun while creating a truly cutting edge Indian toy brand

Can good marketing fool people all the time?

IIM Calcutta dean, Biju Abraham, highlights the pros and cons of the big data revolution discussed by 'Everybody Lies' author, Seth-Stephens Davidowitz

Nick Bilton reports on the rise and fall of the man, who ran a billion-dollar online drug empire 

As the Indian mutual fund industry comes of age, the scope for outperformance is sure to diminish but the real question is, can they win over robo-advisors

You can get where you want to in time, if only you look before you leave, says Google Maps

Online insurance aggregators are finding their own sweet spot with the help of technology as Indians warm up to the concept of insurance

Wharton professor Philip Tetlock and journalist Dan Gardner on how you can improve your ability to predict

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