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Jeff Jarvis on how your company can be as successful as the Internet juggernaut 

An extract from Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg's book on the internet services giant 

What will the future look like for humankind? MG Parameswaran finds out in Yuval Noah Harari's Homo Deus

GMO’s co-founder and stoic polymath, Jeremy Grantham strongly believes in the emerging markets

CEO Ryan Smith attributes Qualtrics’ success to the painful iterations every idea was put through

Psychologist and the 'Godfather of Influence', Robert Cialdini, shares vital marketing insights

Bill Nygren is the rare value manager to have identified the potential in tech stocks quite early

Former Wall Street Man and financial journalist William Cohan narrates a detailed account of events on the Street

BCG’s Rajah Augustinraj urges SMEs to look at digital technologies not as threats but opportunities  

The Oracle of Omaha has India on his radar, but will he invest big money in the country?

In a digital era, Google, Apple and Amazon are examples of companies with the right trappings that will reinforce their moats

Famed hacker Kevin Mitnick on how to protect your privacy on the web in 'The Art Of Invisibility' 

Start-up Eckovation is connecting students and teachers through its app

Here's what you need to survive in the competitive start-up world

Wipro can narrow the growth gap with its peers quicker than many investors think as its energy and utilities business bounce back

How The Culture Machine founders hit it off over their common passion for creating video channels

Jim Breyer of Breyer Capital on what he looks for in entrepreneurs and where he is betting next 

Benchmark Capital's Peter Fenton expects a couple of breakout IPOs in the open source space

Udacity, the online education start-up, wants students of today to learn the technology of tomorrow

Baobab Studios wants to redefine virtual reality through its unique and immersive way of storytelling

Smart autonomous robots are Knightscope’s answer to the rising threat of violence and crime in the US  

Scott Sandell of NEA on the investment opportunities thrown up by the cloud and mobile revolution

Chris Cox and Sheryl Sandberg reflect on the social media giant’s evolving role

The CEOs of the two companies argue that their merger is good for consumers — and competition

Astro Teller, the head of X, which is working on some of Google’s most ambitious  projects, talks on what’s going on at the “moonshot” factory

With its affordable launch system, Rocket Lab is poised to make the most of the growing small satellite space

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