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Easing monsoon deficit holds promise for farmers, but the rain gods may be too late

Nebulaa’s MATT grain analyser ensures better pricing for farmers

GFF Innovations’ Moksh eases farmers’ woes by compressing rice straws faster

Banning a select list of pesticides and leaving out many lethal ones makes the latest order arbitrary 

Chennai-based Hatsun Agro has leveraged technology along with its direct procurement model to become a leading milk supplier in the south

Appeasing distressed farmers with high MSP might pay off politically but will increase the fiscal deficit

In an election year, the government could succumb to farmers’ demands and risk a rising deficit

With PSU banks currently awash with NPAs, will the Maharashtra government be able to honour its loan-waiver commitment?

SV Agri’s ecosystem for potato farming is proving to be a win-win for growers as well as food processors

LivLush is helping farmers by integrating them into the organised B2B supply chain

Protests against GM Mustard from scientists and farmers could throw a spanner in the works for India’s first GM food crop

The suspended TN farmers' protest in Delhi failed to address the vexed issue of loan waivers

Bayer’s acquisition of Monsanto is great for shareholders but negative for farmers

CropIn’s data-driven app makes farm management easy for corporates and remunerative for farmers

Kamal Kisan seeks to ease the troubles of small farmers with its low cost and easy-to-use products

A good southwest monsoon has made farmers smile across the country

Bhushan Agro’s unique lease-your-land concept is quietly gaining      acceptance among farmers — no mean achievement in a country where land is dearer than lives

Kautilya Phytoextracts is helping small farmers supplement their     income by growing medicinal plants and breeding rabbits

Zamindara Farm Solutions’ pay-as-you-go model helps small farmers avoid a debt trap

AgSri’s innovative solutions are ensuring bountiful gains for farmers

The record heat wave singeing the country has caused bird deaths in the millions resulting in poultry price hikes

An early proponent of organic farming, Ecofarms is making a difference to farmers’ lives in Odisha and Maharashtra

eKutir’s farm-to-plate model is giving Odisha’s small farmers a new lease of life

Organic T-shirt brand No Nasties is helping Vidarbha’s farmers by making fair trade clothing fun

Promethean’s innovative battery-driven milk chillers is a win-win proposition for dairy owners and farmers

Farms and Farmers is helping Bihar’s small farmers improve their crops and income