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Media stocks look set for a revival on the back of advertisement revenue from political campaigns

Why media companies are celebrating the election

Investors are banking on rural and IT stocks to tide over a volatile market ahead of elections next year

It’s not a Budget that will get the economy to sky-rocket, but it won’t drown the government in fiscal burden either. Not bad for an election year

The FY19 Budget could more likely chase votes than growth

With government spending slowing down, the road ahead for infra and capital goods could be challenging

While a hike in ethanol price and bailout packages triggered an impressive sugar stock rally, it could be a blip in a troubled sector

Appeasing distressed farmers with high MSP might pay off politically but will increase the fiscal deficit

In an election year, the government could succumb to farmers’ demands and risk a rising deficit

Ambi MG Parameswaran decodes Nassim Taleb's acerbic take on being accountable for one's decisions in 'Skin In The Game'

Leonard Mlodinow shares his insight into how randomness shapes our lives and everyday decisions

If there is one thing that spooks investors, it is uncertainty. And, the coming months has plenty

Election time is usually open season for political parties. Here’s why they have been forced to innovate this time around

The 2014 general election starts off with tribal communities in northeast India turning out to vote in huge numbers

Whether you assume an economic revival or a slump post-election, one thing is certain: defensives will disappoint

Outlook Group chairman Vinod Mehta delves into an outcome that could well be inevitable.

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