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Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim's Ora TV drops deal with Donald Trump following his anti-immigrant remarks

The company makes do with a lower multiple because of weak core revenue, but analysts are betting on the IBM products acquisition to turn things around

The rupee’s resilience has again been blown away by its oldest nemesis: rising crude and foreign outflows. The outlook for the next year is not pleasant either

Imposing tariffs is likely to lead to rising inflation and fall in export competitiveness — hurting US companies more than the rest of the world

The US’ move to hike anti-dumping duty could well crimp Indian shrimp exports

If there is one thing that spooks investors, it is uncertainty. And, the coming months has plenty

GMO’s co-founder and stoic polymath, Jeremy Grantham strongly believes in emerging markets

Chicago Booth Professor Richard Thaler on behavioural bias that affects corporate decisions

Pleasantries aside, Indo-US trade could experience strain when Trump pushes India to further open its market to US companies

The currency has gained 4% YTD, rallying close to a 17-month high versus the dollar

Leading finance minds on how to navigate the funding environment in 2017 

Shankar Sharma of First Global feels it’s time to cut out the noise and look for some real opportunities

The recent negative news flow has led to a selling spree in Aurobindo Pharma

Just like their online travel portal, Deep Kalra and Rajesh Magow’s friendship has stood the test of time

Brothers-cum-best-buddies, the PVR founders' compatibility has become the base of their business partnership

TalentSprint's Santanu Paul on why our grey matter needs a major upgrade

‘Father of the Pentium’, Vinod Dham on entrepreneurship, innovation and the transformational role of artificial intelligence

Trump's anti-globalisation ideas may restrict trade and negatively affect corporate profits 

Chris Cox and Sheryl Sandberg reflect on the social media giant’s evolving role

The CEOs of the two companies argue that their merger is good for consumers — and competition

Global populism is the wave of the future, but it has taken a wrong turn in America

Insights from India's leading private wealth advisors at Outlook Business’ 5th annual roundtable, Upper Crest - Part 3