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Roger McNamee’s book Zucked charts the author's journey from an enthusiastic investor and supporter of the tech giant, to an anxious citizen

Even as it enters its third phase, UDAN is a long way from delivering on its promise of better connectivity

The CEO of Alliance Tire Group is a person loyal to his favourites — be it in books, movies or food for a family ritual

Jane Mayer traces the lives of billionaires to explain the hidden influence of money on American democracy

Ambi MG Parameswaran decodes Nassim Taleb's acerbic take on being accountable for one's decisions in 'Skin In The Game'

The Federal reserve’s purported three to four hikes this year beginning in March are likely exaggerated

The Indo-Japan alliance may turn out to be a blessing for the wavering Indian economy

The current issue is all about companies that are not only growing fast, but also profitably

Amit Chandra enjoys dividing his time between the corporate and social sectors, leveraging one to serve the other

How Balkrishna Industries is revving up to take the global off-highway tyre market by storm

They may have different styles and priorities, but new-age philanthropists have their hearts in the right place

What the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has set out to do is audacious but worthy

Warren and Susan Buffett brought up their children with a commitment to share their fortune with the less fortunate

David Rockefeller Jr. on his family’s enduring philanthropic legacy

While India's wealthy have done their bit for many years, philanthropy in the true sense is only taking form now

A private equity maven explains why improved the education quality is the key to reform and philanthropy in India

MyDentist wants to go mass with its branded chain of clinics in the largely unorganised dental care market

Get a sense of where the market could head from here on. Know the reasons why they feel what they feel