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David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital expressing optimism about the future of semiconductor technology

The adorable couple — Asha and Bala — are back, as Vodafone once again reminds its customers to celebrate life to the fullest

Take a trip on the luxury aircraft from Qatar Airways’ or Singapore Airlines’ stables, and you will wish to stay on in the clouds

Through the story of an aspiring boxer, Pond's encourages women to follow their dreams

Star Sports sets the tone for the ICC World Cup with a cheeky and playful campaign

Authors Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson tell us why we need to drop the worship of an exhausting busyness

Bournvita's new campaign tells parents why they should look beyond the academic scorecard and let children follow their dreams

In his book, Bullshit Jobs, David Graeber gives tips to its readers on how to add meaning to their vexing jobs

When the blues hit, a round of golf always cheers up the CEO of MAS Brands India

Be it in life or work, American Express has got your back

KFC's beloved mascot invites everyone to come explore a new world

Madhya Pradesh Tourism presents the state through its tourists' eyes 

Coca-Cola wants you to share a coke and reignite relationships in its new campaign

Amazon wants you to upgrade your lifestyle with its Alexa-enabled Echo

Can good marketing fool people all the time?

Pidilite Industries’ Fevicol reinforces why it’s the best waterproof adhesive in yet another local-flavoured ad

5Star 3D promises to transport you to new places, after just one bite

Pidilite Industries’ Fevikwik forges a new bond with its women customers

Equity value today has nothing to do with current or future profits but is being driven by a company’s ability to be disruptive

Reliance General Insurance takes the four-legged route in its latest commercial for car insurance

Economists David Evans and Richard Schmalensee decrypt the market dynamics of platforms like Alibaba and Facebook

In a battle of crusts, Pizza Hut shows who’s the ultimate winner

Wild Stone has a new take on the old theme of attraction

Sprite wants you to defy the labels and be yourself 

CEAT Tyres reminds customers that investing in tyres can help save money too