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In 16 sessions, the benchmark index has corrected 10% from its all-time closing high of 29,682 in January

The founder of 3A Capital believes that a revamp of the CCD business and rejig of investments could get Coffee Day Enterprises crackling again

Sun Pharma has a robust pipeline in specialty business which will drive its profitability and free cash flow in the near future 

Niraj Dalal of 3A Capital foresees good tidings in store for Delta, the country’s only listed casino play

3A Capital Advisors' founder expects Dish TV to cash in on its operational efficiencies and improving cash flows

Hemendra Kothari of DSP Blackrock Investment Managers believes a shakeout in the broking industry is imminent

Promoter’s market purchase fails to arrest slide in Manpasand Beverages

The Wall Street Journal's Scott Patterson recounts how a group of quantitative traders took the financial markets by storm

Risks are rising for both the banks (whales) and debtors (plankton) 

Gold and real estate remain the favourite assets of the rich in India, but they have also found alternate ways of investing

The top 50 us companies have been out-earning the smaller ones and it’s been a great time to be a giant. but will it stay that way?

Dalal Street has given a big thumbs up to the tax cut. But, corporate investments are another matter

Endurance Group’s Manish Dalal noses out the best wines from nooks and corners of the world, and finds their history more captivating

The CEO of Ebix is fond of street food as much as he enjoys eating at a fancy restaurant

The stock market defies all laws of rationality and economics

Till Roenneberg takes a closer look at how our internal clock and sleeping pattern affect our lifestyle choices

IIM Calcutta dean, Biju Abraham, highlights the pros and cons of the big data revolution discussed by 'Everybody Lies' author, Seth-Stephens Davidowitz

How the Street is valuing private life insurers — the next big proxy to play the financialisation theme

The Wall Street Journal's Sam Walker draws a counterintuitive theory of leadership from some of the world's greatest sports teams 

Analytics mogul, Jim Goodnight talks about SAS’ culture, machine learning, and much more

GMO’s co-founder and stoic polymath, Jeremy Grantham strongly believes in emerging markets

Former Wall Street Man and financial journalist William Cohan narrates a detailed account of events on the Street

Shane Parrish of Farnam Street on the art of reading, investing and multidisciplinary thinking

Sunil Singhania, CIO (equity) of Reliance Mutual Fund, shares his five must-read books for investors

What traditional economic models & the financial markets need is more physics says James Owen Weatherall

New Yorker staff writer Sheelah Kolhatkar profiles the man behind one of the biggest insider trading scandals on Wall Street