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FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver on how we can improve our forecasting abilities in 'The Signal and the Noise'

 NYT bestselling author Robert Cialdini on how to make your audience receptive to your pitch

Science Inc CEO Mike Jones on Facebook's move to separate messaging from its core app

Founder of Augment financial services feels the market is more of science and less of maths

As organisations and brands aspire to make more data-driven decisions, India’s advanced analytics talent pool is set to explode.

A technological revolution is here, but Indians lack the skills to reap its rewards

Tradition peppered with science makes Nestlé’s new campaign an instant hit

There is a method to this madness, says Steven G. Rogelberg in The Surprising Science of Meetings, a handy guide for leaders

Chennai-based Vaayusastra brings aeronautics and theatrics together, to make lessons in science riveting for children

Using artificial intelligence and computer vision, Netradyne aims to make driving a safer experience

Judea Pearl and Dana Mackenzie delve into causality and its role in science and AI

From Ada Lovelace to Grace Hopper, Claire Evans pays tribute to the pioneering women in technology

Whether you're picking an apartment or a secretary, Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths wants you make use of algorithms to tackle everyday problems

Experiential learning programme developer, ThinkTac, is teaching schools how to put scientific theory to practice 

Discovery India is exploring a new frontier with the launch of its GEC channel. Can it create a niche in an overcrowded genre? 

Does the time of day affect the nature of your decisions? Dan Pink reveals in When

Can incentives do more harm than good? Sante Fe Institute's behavioural science professor Samuel Bowles has the answer

Andrew Shtulman reveals how humans often rely on intuition- and not science-based theories

A collection of interviews of global thought leaders, practitioners and market mavens

David Stulb, global leader, fraud investigation and dispute services, EY, on how to combat the threats facing a digitised economy

Spire wants to make weather reporting a precise science than an art

TalentSprint's Santanu Paul explores the science behind word-of-mouth and the key to retaining customers

Perfint is on its way to revolutionise cancer care in India and around the world  

Rose Academy is bridging the digital divide by imparting computer  education to rural youth

Here's a look at how India's ultra rich are deploying their wealth