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edabba brings the convenience of e-commerce to small towns

Delhi-based start-up UrbanHomez is a one-stop shop for your home renovation needs

Indian pharma majors are facing their toughest year yet in the US, with regulatory clampdown, hostile political environment and falling prices. Is reinvention the answer to their woes?

Scott E Page’s The Model Thinker advocates a multiple-models approach to make more accurate predictions

Biocon founder Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw traces her journey from brewmaster to biotech pioneer

Former fighter pilot Paul Madera of Meritech Capital Partners on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to start-ups

A few start-ups are making medical access easier and doctors technology-savvy

Now that perishables are being peddled online, could furniture be far behind?

Meranaukar offers a “service delivery solution” to working couples

Pay-later services are cashing in on urban lifestyles by extending credit quick and easy

Many retailers want an online shop, but don't have the technical expertise. Zepo comes up with e-commerce solutions

As smartphones get sold on the basis of their camera capability, camera companies are looking to find newer markets through better technology

Ditch the take-out, instead opt for Dineout 

Digital marketing will play a huge role in the future success of brands

The virtual shopping cart is overflowing with brands and discounts, but only some online retailers are going to survive the blitz consumers are enjoying so much

How Kalnirnay’s calendar is keeping up with the times

Can’t afford that plush sofa set? Now rent it for as long as you wish

With a parody on a popular web-series, LazyPay’s new campaign tells users how they can avail hassle-free credit with a single click

Control your home with just a click or the snap of your fingers with automation products and services from DEFT, Schneider and Puravankara

Paytm changed the way Indians spend but its business model could just face its biggest challenge yet

Using his red-blue mind model, Ceri Evans shows us how to gain control over our emotions even under pressure

Dr Lal Pathlabs stands out for its unique hub-and-spoke business model and strong return ratios

FMCG companies are stepping outside their brick-and-mortar stores and trying a new strategy of retailing online-first

Now local brick-and-mortar stores can get a tech-makeover with Bnext’s software

It’s not just Google, good old brick and mortar companies, too, are seeking a slice of the start-up action to stay ahead in the game

Stuart Diamond, author and University of Pennsylvania professor in negotiation, shared insights from designing a successful negotiating model