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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings speaks to Outlook Business on his India strategy – Part 1  

The liquor baron’s business was a one-man show. Will his legacy survive his violent death?

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Secret Diary of Kishore Biyani — Part 2

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Don’t just plan your dream wedding, turn it into your very own film production

Netflix’s premium positioning may not fetch it the VOD crown in India, but it will still end up a winner

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The managing director of Bausch and Lomb India on his favourite Bollywood star

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Former Miss World and actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on achieving and holding onto stardom — on her terms  

Radio stations are embracing retro music to get the attention of the real spenders

The Burbank-headquartered company’s India ride has been bumpy so far. Can Disney recreate its magic here?

At 31, Guneet Monga has emerged as India's youngest producer to taste success by not sticking to the conventional Bollywood formula

Reigning Bollywood queen Deepika Padukone on her journey to stardom and why she wants to remove the stigma attached to mental illness

From a choreographer to director and now as a producer, Farah Khan has played all roles to perfection. But the journey has been anything but easy

For Kent RO's founder, hill stations are a favourite holiday destination 

Is the Indian film industry looking at a paradigm shift towards VFX or is it too soon?

Takashi Yamaguchi, director, Daiwa Capital Markets, offers suggestions for expatriates to adapt quickly to India