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Bisleri Pop marks Ramesh Chauhan's return to carbonated drinks

He’s the man who brings world-class symphonies and classical music to the country and even at the age of 84, his passion for music shows no signs of slowing down

Bisleri banks on a unique brand ambassador to fight counterfeit water bottlers

The Atlanta-based soft-drinks major is going all out to woo the Indian customer with a kaleidoscopic range of fruit and dairy-based drinks, with its popular offering losing fizz

Bisleri chairman Ramesh Chauhan's evening routine is incomplete without a game of tennis

Bharat Jal aims to ensure clean drinking water isn’t a privilege for only a few

After a forgettable outing in the energy drinks space, Ramesh Chauhan is now trying to get back into soft drinks. Will he be lucky this time around?  

How Bisleri is looking to create a whole new category in the beverages market with its non-caffeine energy drink

Ramesh Chauhan’s thirst for creating iconic brands is unquenchable

Ramesh Chauhan, chairman of Bisleri International on what it takes to create a new market and stay the course