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Credit, which was once growth-enhancing, is now slowing down and becoming self-destructive, just like the dying sun

All forms of “carry” in financial markets are compressed, resulting in artificially high asset prices

An extract from SAP CEO Bill McDermott's book 

Snapshots of the master investor at the exhibition hall and the frolic that followed at Borsheims on Sunday

Eram Scientific has found a sustainable solution to India’s sanitation woes

With recovery still proving to be elusive, the US Fed has no option but to unleash another round of QE just to keep the economy afloat

Jeena Scriptech's Gaurav Parikh reviews Christopher Mayer's 100 Baggers

Negative interest rates are real, but investors seem to think that they have a Zeno-like quality that will allow them to make money

Capex revival & NPA clean-up take a backseat as Jaitley bites the fiscal austerity pill

An excerpt from Walter Isaacson's The Innovators

Banking seems to be a damaged victim of write-offs and lower future margins

Global markets and individual economies are increasingly “addled” and distorted

Demographics may dominate investment returns for the next few decades

Central Banks are printing money like chips that they’ll never have to redeem

Capitalism does not function well if the yield curve is inappropriately flat 

Insights from India's leading private wealth advisors at Outlook Business’ 4th annual roundtable, Upper Crest - Part 1

Airbag suppliers sense opportunity in stringent car safety norms

Bill Gross wants the Federal Reserve to quickly get off zero

Bill Gross of Janus Global puts the August turmoil in perspective 

Google Ventures' ex-managing partner Bill Maris on being at the cusp of reverse ageing

Ambit Capital believes the current correction in real estate will have collateral damage

Bill Gross warns of tough times ahead as liquidity runs low in the global market

With startups continuing to feast on venture cash, the party may not just be over yet

50 master moves by legendary investor Warren Buffett that shaped Berkshire Hathaway

Sequoia Fund director, Roger Lowenstein on how Buffett's investment focus has evolved over the decades