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Ben Inker, head of GMO’s Asset Allocation team, explains why emerging markets figure highly in their portfolio, but India and the US not as much

The top 50 us companies have been out-earning the smaller ones and it’s been a great time to be a giant. but will it stay that way?

Flush with cash, institutional investors are paying a high price for a cheery consensus. Those lining up for a fire sale may not have to wait too long

While there may be more pain in the short term, emerging markets are still the best investment opportunity available today

If conditions prevailing in the first part of this year persist, asset valuations will very likely have to fall

Imposing tariffs is likely to lead to rising inflation and fall in export competitiveness — hurting US companies more than the rest of the world

The GMO co-founder on why fund managers could perforce end up investing in emerging markets

Hedging portfolio risks in uncertain times can be futile but is imperative nonetheless

A Fed generated bubble will take S&P to 2,250 before it crashes