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Between politicians and economists, big social and economic issues are often taken to the former, write Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo

How does Economics affect our lives? Journalist Tim Harford explains more in The Undercover Economist

Author and economist Allison Schrager shares with us lessons on risk management from the most unlikely places, like brothels

Will an economics background and intricate understanding of commerce and trade help Nirmala Sitharaman steer the economy through its darkest hour?

Joshua Gans, Avi Goldfarb and Ajay Agrawal use economic tools to discuss the power of artificial intelligence

The stock market defies all laws of rationality and economics

Former FBI behavioural analyst Robin Dreeke decodes the method to inspire trust

Does the time of day affect the nature of your decisions? Dan Pink reveals in When

Can incentives do more harm than good? Sante Fe Institute's behavioural science professor Samuel Bowles has the answer

Santa Clara University's Meir Statman breaks down the tenets of behavioural finance to help you make smarter decisions

How can one make the most of decisions that are not guided by logic? Behavioural economist Dan Ariely explains

Chicago Booth Professor Richard Thaler on behavioural bias that affects corporate decisions

Tim Harford of the Financial Times reveals how everyone almost all the time complies by the rules of logic

Behavioural economist Dan Ariely describes the paradoxical nature of dishonesty

What drives your decisions when reason is not in charge? Behavioural economist Dan Ariely discovers in 'Predictably Irrational'

Kotak Institutional Equities: The FY18 Budget will likely seek to bring about a behavioural change among taxpayers

Jessie Paul discovers how different things motivate different people in this review of Dan Ariely's Payoff

Suchi Mukherjee fulfilled her dream of setting up a business in the e-commerce  space through her fashion curator, Limeroad

Sanjay Tripathy of HDFC Life reviews Misbehaving by Richard H. Thaler

Many people drank the nectar of this contrarian value investor's generosity. Here is an account of three of them

Meena & Vikram Kaushik on the events and places that bought them together

Falguni, founder, Nykaa & Sanjay Nayar, CEO, KKR India, on striking the right balance between work and family

Wabco India's managing director on how he's been trying to develop an interest in Economics and much more

Genext Students offers online and mobile tutoring from class I to XI

Robert Shiller, professor of Economics, Yale University

The MBA Degree damages society in many different ways, the first of which is such misallocation of talent