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Nujam Technologies' Payed is enabling students to seek loans worry-free and focus on the more important things

The country's third-largest private sector bank's aggressive growth is coming undone

Haircut-resistant Indian banks loathe a clean-up of their rotten loan books

The Yes Bank founder easily extended loans to debt-laden Indiabulls Group. But what was in it for him?

Grappling with bad loans, weak loan growth and leadership uncertainty, its valuation is under pressure

Mutual fund managers have plenty of concerns and fresh bad loans are right on top

Blue-collared workers can now avail loans easier, thanks to Bengaluru-based PerkFinance

Ray Dalio's Big Debt Crises takes you through the fundamentals of lending, and how good loans keep the wheels of an economy running

Government’s move to offer MSMEs loans under an hour will do little to improve their fortunes   

FY19 may be the turnaround year for stressed steel assets

India’s cashew industry, crippled by bad loans and high interest, stands at a precarious point

SEWA Grih Rin is empowering women in low-income households by providing loans to help reconstruct their homes

A few ARCs are aggressively bidding for non-performing assets of banks. Can they fix the bad debt problem or are they throwing good money after bad?

On how ARCs are helping fix the bad loans problem

Mahindra Finance is tapping new segments to tackle the errant monsoon and fickle farm incomes

The housing finance player is tapping newer markets to grow, but NPAs are a big worry  

Financial services firms are customising products and services for women

Kinara Capital provides small ticket loans to enterprising SMEs that lack access to formal bank credit

Evergreening of loans is keeping several over-leveraged companies alive. What could be the endgame?

The RBI's largesse in the form of the 5/25 scheme might lead to banks trying to evergreen dud loans

Companies can get into a cash crunch, if they increase sales without improving their working capital turns

Managing director of Motilal Oswal Securities does not expect ICICI Bank to face slowdown blues