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CEO Virginia Rometty describes the broad consumer impact of Watson, the tech major’s artificial intelligence platform

The IT-bellwether trades 8% below its 52-week-high post-Q4 results 

Amazon wants you to upgrade your lifestyle with its Alexa-enabled Echo

How artificial intelligence just might replace you at your workplace

Param has an alternative to the cumbersome process of hiring the right candidate

In today’s age when the industry is looking to AI and IoT for answers, our institutions are unable to keep up with the skill requirements

Xane has a chatbot solution to ensure employees and employers are on the same page

Be it a spot in a top college or company, Leverage Edu enables you to have an edge over competition 

Do you run an online store that aims to capture and retain more clients? SeekNShop's search engine might be a good way to start

Sunil Jose, senior area VP and country leader, Salesforce India on five ways to exceed customer expectations

AI-based start-up Mike Legal is the ideal assistant for your courtroom battle

Bengaluru-based Fyle uses AI to simplify expense management 

From assisting you with bank work to entertaining you at an event, Invento Tech's Mitra can be your true friend

Analytics mogul, Jim Goodnight talks about SAS’ culture, machine learning, and much more

No more worrying about copyright infringement with IPHawk's AI-solution

A whole host of start-ups are bringing the power of artificial intelligence to our daily lives — both at home and at work

It’s survival of the fittest as the Ola, Uber and local taxis slugfest gets messier

Jessie Paul on how humans can benefit from intelligent machines 

Bill Gurley of Benchmark Capital on how excess capital continues to distort valuations in Silicon Valley

TalentSprint's Santanu Paul on why our grey matter needs a major upgrade

‘Father of the Pentium’, Vinod Dham on entrepreneurship, innovation and the transformational role of artificial intelligence

Jim Breyer of Breyer Capital on what he looks for in entrepreneurs and where he is betting next 

CEO Satya Nadella talks about how augmented reality and artificial intelligence will transform life

Nvidia’s Jen-Hsun Huang says autonomous cars are pretty safe now, and will get even safer

A tale of how intelligence and serendipity combined to create the killing of a lifetime

A tale of how intelligence and serendipity combined to create the killing of a lifetime

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