September 29, 2017 : Business Articles and Interviews | Outlook Business
Story of the day
Chaitanya Dalmia
KNR Constructions turned from good to better even as the investment in Corporation Bank went from bad to worse

Specials / Best Buys Worst PicksKN Sivasubramanian

His experience with HDFC Bank taught him the merit of sticking to winning companies to create long-term value, while his bet on overleveraged Lanco Infratech went all wrong

Specials / Best Buys Worst PicksManish Bhandari

While his bet on operating leverage played out to perfection in Indo Count, WPIL turned out to be a losing bet for the same reason

Specials / Best Buys Worst PicksPankaj Tibrewal

How his bet on India's No. 3 cement player paid off and why MBL Infrastructures proved to be a big mistake

Specials / Best Buys Worst PicksRamesh Damani

He got his telecom call wrong with state-owned MTNL, but United Spirits ended up giving him a high 

Specials / Best Buys Worst PicksSankaran Naren

How the price of uncertainty threw up a great bargain in the form of Cadila Healthcare and how his relative bet on NTPC didn’t work out

Specials / Best Buys Worst PicksBharat Shah

Bharat Shah successfully vetted Bajaj Finance, but overvalued and misjudged Visualsoft