September 13, 2019 : Business Articles and Interviews | Outlook Business
It just doesn’t add up
With economic growth slowing, the stock market might just be staring at more earning downgrades

Pixtory / Graphically SpeakingWork In Progress

India’s tech capital is growing to become a major force in the overall global start-up ecosystem

Pixtory / ImagenationTrumpet territory

Plans to set up an elephant reserve in Chhattisgarh is making environmentalists cheer and the Centre fret

Enterprise / Big IdeaScan, sift, repeat

Bengaluru-based start-up Vaultedge has developed an AI software that retrieves voluminous data in minutes

Enterprise / Big IdeaSoul Food

The subsistence crop of yesteryears, ragi has been revived through breakfast cereals, snacks and health drinks

Enterprise / FeatureShare the floor

The next generation of workspaces is as hip as they come. We dive into what works and what doesn’t in favour of coworking

Markets / TrendTake a shine to

Promoters of La Opala buy shares worth Rs.51 million as the stock hits a 52-week low

Markets / TrendDividend Dazzlers

With the market losing ground, high dividend stocks with reasonable valuation could be a hiding place

Markets / FeatureWoes and Worries

Mutual fund managers have plenty of concerns and fresh bad loans are right on top

The Big Story / Lead StorySlow and Unsteady

The government’s attempt to re-ignite growth with a fiscal stimulus has failed to enthuse investors. With slowing growth and not much respite in sight, is the worst yet to come?

AD BREAKMoney Matters

With real and reel life stories, Google Pay’s campaign showcases how one simple payment can create a huge impact