November 24, 2017 : Business Articles and Interviews | Outlook Business
Tough As Nails
Stories of top women professionals have been well-documented; entrepreneurial successes much less

Specials / Women of Worth - 2017Heavy Lifter

Aakanksha Bhargava of PM Relocations on how she successfully grew a business in a labour-intensive male-dominated industry

Specials / Women of Worth - 2017Free Spirit

In fighting off a patriarchal society to claim what rightfully belonged to her, Lata Bajoria found a whole new meaning to life

Specials / Women of Worth - 2017Intuitive Scholar

Quantum Consumer Solutions’ Meena Kaushik defied cynics to not only elevate her discipline but also emerge as an astute entrepreneur

Specials / Women of Worth - 2017Gritty Woman

From being a victim of war to moulding herself into a restaurateur, Monica Liu is a classic rags to riches fairytale

Specials / Women of Worth - 2017Box-Office Boss

Monisha Advani shares her checklist for success in the entertainment business

Specials / Women of Worth - 2017Tech Merchant

Infibeam’s Neeru Sharma has built one of the few profitable e-commerce ventures in the country

Specials / Women of Worth - 2017The Newsmaker

After creating a niche for herself in broadcasting, Ritu Kapur is now taking the digital world by storm 

Specials / Women of Worth - 2017Minimalist Mountaineer

Indiahikes co-founder, Sandhya Chandrasekharayya leads the way in showing how you can channel your passion to build a pioneering profitable venture

Specials / Women of Worth - 2017Wedding Belle

The master planner on how fantasy weddings turned out to be a very lucrative business

Specials / Women of Worth - 2017Eternal Optimist

In the world of glitz and glamour, Vidya Balan has left an indelible mark with her incredible talent and by staying true to herself

Specials / Women of Worth - 2017Passion Personified

Swades Foundation’s Zarina Screwvala isn’t one for a predictable path and that’s what makes her the super achiever she is

Specials / Women of Worth - 2017Owner-Manager

Aditi Kothari Desai drives performance without rancour despite not having the top job in a company owned by her father

Specials / Women of Worth - 2017Quiet Flier

The shy and reserved Lara Balsara Vajifdar had big shoes to fill, but with her indefatigable approach she has taken Madison World to greater heights

Specials / Women of Worth - 2017Beverage Baroness

After learning every nuance of the business from her dad, Schauna Chauhan has drawn up her own ambitious blueprint for Parle Agro