June 8, 2018 : Business Articles and Interviews | Outlook Business
Last Resort
The real strength of IBC will be tested when it is followed both in letter & spirit, and that can only happen if those with vested interests are not allowed to game the system

Pixtory / ImagenationUnwelcome Overture

RRPL’s refinery could well shape up only on paper given the opposition from landowners

Enterprise / TrendRebooting the Workforce

With IT firms opting for automation, reskilling is the only way for employees to remain relevant

Enterprise / Big IdeaThe specialists

Xpheno raises the bar in flexi staffing by renting highly-skilled engineers and technicians

Enterprise / FeatureMapping The Gap

Aided with data on consumers, analytics on need gaps and waning brand loyalty, e-tailers abandon discounting to climb on to the private label bandwagon

Strategy / FeatureCookies and Beyond

How Parle Products has ditched its mass brand image by scaling up its premium offerings

Strategy / AD BREAKMusical Time Machine

Saregama Carvaan promises to transport its listeners back to their youth

Markets / TrendLaughing all the way to the bank

As HDFC Bank’s stock price continues to rise, director Paresh Sukthankar offloads shares worth Rs.9.86 crore

Markets / FeatureMilking it right

Dairy companies are growing by venturing beyond their home market and launching value-added products

Markets / FeatureCatching up, Fast

Safari Industries’ portfolio overhaul has enhanced both its market position as well as profitability. As it gains scale the prospects only seem better

C'est la vie / My FavouriteAbhishek Ganguly

The fitness freak within Puma's MD, never lets him miss a workout session - even when he is travelling

C'est la vie / Pursuit of HappinessThe Corporate Wordsmith

Even with a very high-pressure day job, poetry is a passion that Zensar Technologies' CEO continues to pursue 

C'est la vie / The Good LifeCruising Your Way

Luxury automobile brands are redefining interiors by giving them a personal touch

C'est la vie / HARDBOUNDBeing Culpable

Ambi MG Parameswaran decodes Nassim Taleb's acerbic take on being accountable for one's decisions in 'Skin In The Game'

The Big Story / Lead StoryThe Great Indian NPA Tamasha

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code is looking like a circus at this point, but it seems to be the only way to get both banks and unscrupulous promoters to behave

HIGH FIVE"Nimbleness is the hallmark of an entrepreneurial culture"

Ranjan Pai, CEO, Manipal Education and Medical Group on five ways to foster an entrepreneurial culture