June 8, 2018 : Business Articles and Interviews | Outlook Business
Last Resort
The real strength of IBC will be tested when it is followed both in letter & spirit, and that can only happen if those with vested interests are not allowed to game the system

Pixtory / ImagenationUnwelcome Overture

RRPL’s refinery could well shape up only on paper given the opposition from landowners

Enterprise / TrendRebooting the Workforce

With IT firms opting for automation, reskilling is the only way for employees to remain relevant

Enterprise / Big IdeaThe specialists

Xpheno raises the bar in flexi staffing by renting highly-skilled engineers and technicians

Strategy / FeatureCookies and Beyond

How Parle Products has ditched its mass brand image by scaling up its premium offerings

Strategy / AD BREAKMusical Time Machine

Saregama Carvaan promises to transport its listeners back to their youth

Markets / TrendLaughing all the way to the bank

As HDFC Bank’s stock price continues to rise, director Paresh Sukthankar offloads shares worth Rs.9.86 crore

Markets / FeatureMilking it right

Dairy companies are growing by venturing beyond their home market and launching value-added products

C'est la vie / My FavouriteAbhishek Ganguly

The fitness freak within Puma's MD, never lets him miss a workout session - even when he is travelling

C'est la vie / Pursuit of HappinessThe Corporate Wordsmith

Even with a very high-pressure day job, poetry is a passion that Zensar Technologies' CEO continues to pursue 

C'est la vie / The Good LifeCruising Your Way

Luxury automobile brands are redefining interiors by giving them a personal touch

C'est la vie / HARDBOUNDBeing Culpable

Ambi MG Parameswaran decodes Nassim Taleb's acerbic take on being accountable for one's decisions in 'Skin In The Game'

The Big Story / Lead StoryThe Great Indian NPA Tamasha

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code is looking like a circus at this point, but it seems to be the only way to get both banks and unscrupulous promoters to behave