June 22, 2018 : Business Articles and Interviews | Outlook Business
Nothing Artificial About It
Innovative start-ups from India and around the world that are leveraging AI and technology to reshape business

Specials / Techtonic 2018The Future Of Design

Ethereal Machines’ 5-axis 3D printer could alter the face of conventional manufacturing

Specials / Techtonic 2018Health 2.0

Visit’s AI-driven chatbot is looking to change the way patients consult doctors

Specials / Techtonic 2018Close To Reality

Dimension NXG’s AR headset is best  in class both in terms of price and performance

Specials / Techtonic 2018Connecting Everyone

Astrome is eyeing the skies to provide high-speed internet to developing nations

Specials / Techtonic 2018More than just a heartbeat

Ayu’s smart stethoscopes will help in  spotting cardiac and pulmonary disorders early

Specials / Techtonic 2018Beginning Of A New Culture

Pandorum’s ability to 3D print human tissues is a boon for medical research

Specials / Techtonic 2018Democratising Robotics

TAL Manufacturing Solutions’ economical robots will help MSMEs embrace automation

Specials / Techtonic 2018Technology’s New Frontier

Artificial intelligence, blockchain and internet of things are fast becoming the fulcrum of business transition

Specials / Techtonic 2018“The time from lab to land is much longer than what it needs to be”

Rajiv Kumar, vice-chairman, NITI Aayog on leveraging the Digital India initiative and extending innovation from the classroom to the shop floor

Specials / Techtonic 2018Innovative Start-ups — Part 1

Tech ventures from around the world that have successfully married innovation and impact

Specials / Techtonic 2018Innovative Start-Ups — Part 2

Innovative start-ups from around the world that are making technological breakthroughs

Specials / Techtonic 2018Innovative Start-Ups — Part 3

Global start-ups that have successfully combined innovation and impact