June 21, 2019 : Business Articles and Interviews | Outlook Business
Trial by fire
The appointment of Nirmala Sitharaman as finance minister comes at a very challenging time for India

Pixtory / Graphically SpeakingAn Upskill Task

A technological revolution is here, but Indians lack the skills to reap its rewards

Pixtory / ImagenationBurning Paradox

Chennai is facing one of the worst droughts after having been flooded three years ago

Enterprise / Big IdeaHealthy Punch

&Me's Ayurvedic fruit juices are ideal for today's active women needs

Enterprise / Big IdeaAds Made Smart

If your smile is worth a thousand silvers, a frown is probably worth a lot more. Here’s an AI start-up that tracks your emotions and helps brands make their content stick

Enterprise / FeatureCheers

Liquor brands have a clever new way of selling to younger audiences, through well-crafted web series and digitally-supported pop events

Markets / TrendIs this a good time to buy Page Industries?

The stock price of India’s premium innerwear maker has corrected 40% after posting weak growth in FY19

Markets / TrendPloughing Back

With tractors sales slowing down, Escorts promoter buy shares worth Rs.112 million 

Markets / TrendBank on this transition

With provisions peaking and rising hopes of an economic recovery, banks may be a good parking lot for patient investors

Markets / FeatureHope blooms

Foreign investors have pushed the indices to a record high on expectations of reforms push and earnings recovery. Slippage on either could spoil the party

C'est la vie / My FavouriteNikhil Sen

The managing director of Unibic Foods is a cricket fan who never misses a game

C'est la vie / Pursuit of HappinessThe Write Choice

MEP Infrastructure’s MD Jayant Mhaiskar is always on the lookout for rare and vintage pens to add to his collection

C'est la vie / The Good LifeWillow weed

You can watch the 2019 Cricket World Cup live from the pavilion balcony sipping fine wine, all for Rs.200,000 to Rs.1 million

The Big Story / Lead StoryThe Taskmaster

Will an economics background and intricate understanding of commerce and trade help Nirmala Sitharaman steer the economy through its darkest hour?

AD BREAKChanging Times

Shoppers Stop’s new campaign tackles an age-old stereotype, with sass and style


Why does everyone perceive time differently? Alan Burdick explores this notion in Why Time Flies