July 5, 2019 : Business Articles and Interviews | Outlook Business
Blurring Reality
The fourth industrial revolution will be led by AI and robotics

Specials / Techtonic 2019Is blockchain the ultimate Fort Knox?

India is preparing for the next digital revolution, and everything from your bank account to your next cup of coffee is set to go high-tech. Still think blockchain is just about Bitcoins?

Specials / Techtonic 2019Lessons for a goldfish

Edtech start-ups are seeing a boom, raising millions of dollars in funding, on the back of cheap data and an easily distracted student population

Specials / Techtonic 2019The shape of things to come

Imagine printing a heart to save the life of a loved one. It may seem far-fetched but we are getting there taking small, bold steps

Specials / Techtonic 2019Change of Guard

Automation is marching into factory floors, making India Inc faster and smarter with each passing shift

Specials / Techtonic 2019Easy money

Waltz in and out of stores while your phone makes the payments, or have your loan okayed in a few hours. It’s never been easier to borrow or spend