August 18, 2017 : Business Articles and Interviews | Outlook Business
An Evergreen Affair
Kheyti's "greenhouse-in-a-box" aims at ensuring predictability in a farmer's income

Specials / Good Businesses 2017Making the Right Moo

Stellapps is deploying affordable IoT solutions to weed out inefficiencies in dairy farms

Specials / Good Businesses 2017A Level Playing Field

SV Agri’s ecosystem for potato farming is proving to be a win-win for growers as well as food processors

Specials / Good Businesses 2017Catching 'em Young

AddressHealth is looking to build a sustainable model for school health programmes

Specials / Good Businesses 2017Masters of Waste

Carbon Masters is developing a successful business model to commercialise biogas

Specials / Good Businesses 2017Tending The Roots

LivLush is helping farmers by integrating them into the organised B2B supply chain

Specials / Good Businesses 2017Going for the skill

Through intensive training, EduBridge empowers unemployed youth to meet the demands of the corporate world

Specials / Good Businesses 2017Fun with Numbers

Vikalp aims to democratise maths among children of government and affordable private schools through learning aids