April 12, 2019 : Business Articles and Interviews | Outlook Business
Talking stock
As poll fever heightens, Outlook Business presents an eclectic mix of investment ideas

Specials / My Best Pick 2019The Populism Chimera

Politics will drive markets in the first half, but will the narrative be supportive in the second?

Specials / My Best Pick 2019Moat busters

Moat-rich companies can quickly turn into allegory and here’s why it can all go wrong

Specials / My Best Pick 2019Aditya Narain

Edelweiss Securities' head of research sees huge potential in Dr Reddy's, and also an attractive valuation 

Specials / My Best Pick 2019Ajay Jaiswal

Stewart & Mackertich's head of research sees Engineers India benefitting from the revival of the hydrocarbon sector

Specials / My Best Pick 2019Ekansh Mittal

The founder of Katalyst Wealth finds adequate margin of safety in Greenply’s valuation

Specials / My Best Pick 2019Gautam Duggad

Motilal Oswal Financial Services's head of institutional research believes a favourable product life cycle and better return through margin expansion will drive Maruti’s performance

Specials / My Best Pick 2019Gautam Trivedi

Aavas Financiers is not exactly a cheap housing finance stock, but Nepean Capital's co-founder believes it's for a reason

Specials / My Best Pick 2019Jigar Shah

North-east's biggest infra beneficiary, Star Cement, ticks all the boxes for the CEO of Maybank Kim Eng Securities

Specials / My Best Pick 2019Mehul Bhatt

The poster boy of insurance technology, Majesco, is the pick of the year for the founder of OysterRock Capital

Specials / My Best Pick 2019Viraj Mehta

Alkyl Amines Chemicals operates in a niche business, but has all the strappings of a multibagger, feels the head (PMS) of Equirus Securities

Specials / My Best Pick 2019Gaurav Parikh

Jeena Scriptech's MD believes land bank-rich Bombay Dyeing is a mispricing opportunity begging to be pounced upon

Specials / My Best Pick 2019ArunaGiri N

A rare blend of diversified small-scale industrial user base and high criticality make Grauer & Weil an interesting bet