8 November 2019 : Business Articles and Interviews | Outlook Business
Other People’s Money
Rana Kapoor took risky moves in an already risky business. Now, can the new boss salvage the lender?

Pixtory / Graphically SpeakingBig data, bigger worry

While data explosion is a reality, our privacy laws are far from comforting

Enterprise / Big IdeaElectric Blue

Walking is tedious and short cab rides are tough to get. Yulu, with its shared bikes, offers the next ‘woke’ mode of transport

Enterprise / FeatureSurgical finesse

Doctors can now preset a surgery, sit back and gently guide a robot to do the procedure, even remotely

Strategy / TrendStart-ups get ‘debt’ serious

Growing companies have found a new friend in venture debt funds, who help tide over bad times and enforce much needed financial discipline

Markets / FeatureNew growth formula

The US market remains choppy but Natco Pharma is becoming a compelling bet by rebooting itself with a new strategy

The Big Story / Lead StoryRana’s ‘Yes’ Bank

Corporate banking maverick Rana Kapoor issued big cheques quick and easy. Was it wilful swagger or plain oversight?