20 December 2019 : Business Articles and Interviews | Outlook Business
Seeing the J-curve
Making provisions for unforeseen hiccups comes naturally to V Vaidyanathan, CEO of IDFC First Bank, who believes things are set to get exceedingly better

Specials / CEO Speak“We have identified over 10 export sectors for skill development

Road Transport and Highways and MSME minister Nitin Gadkari agrees that there is a crisis but insists that India Inc can best it

Specials / CEO Speak“Ideas of disruption are not big. They are in your stories and hearts”

Vineet Nayar, founder and chairman of Sampark Foundation and former CEO of HCL Technologies, believes in taking wild chances

Specials / CEO SpeakGlass half full

Indian business leaders who have braved many a slowdown and emerged stronger share their lessons on why one should 'Never Waste A Slowdown'

Specials / CEO Speak"Never mortgage your future to tide over a crisis"

Pawan Goenka, MD of Mahindra & Mahindra, talks to Outlook Business on the necessity of investing in the company even during a slowdown

Specials / CEO Speak"Companies need to build muscle, not gain fat"

To make the best of a slowdown, you have to innovate bravely and set goals realistically, believes R Gopalakrishnan, former director of HUL and Tata Sons

Specials / CEO Speak"It is human nature to believe during good times that good times won’t end"

Just as a dying canary would warn miners about poisonous gases building up in a tunnel, a good set of indicators is essential for any manager, says Ishaat Hussain, former director of Tata Sons

Specials / CEO Speak"Your balance sheet is the most important thing during a slowdown"

Thermax is a player in an unpredictable sector but CEO MS Unnikrishnan manages that by keeping a hawk-eye on cash flows