17 January, 2020 : Business Articles and Interviews | Outlook Business
Throwing good money after bad
The story of how the chase for high yield ended up hurting KKR India's debt portfolio

Pixtory / Graphically SpeakingVirtual trading

The world may be shrinking but global trade is tilting in favour of services, from manufacturing

Enterprise / Big IdeaFriendly, neighbourhood e-store

Now local brick-and-mortar stores can get a tech-makeover with Bnext’s software

Enterprise / Big IdeaWater healers

Aquatic therapy is a burgeoning medical practice and Harsh Mariwala has caught on to it early, with AquaCentric

Strategy / FeatureDairy-devilry

Amul has stayed relevant through nearly seven decades, with smart messaging and efficiency. Now it is trying a new trick, which involves chocolates and butter cookies

Strategy / Interview“We are after a great book, not a lofty topline”

After establishing itself in the corporate insurance segment, Raheja QBE* wants to make inroads in retail insurance

The Big Story / Lead StoryHow KKR India reached a debt end

The marquee private equity firm’s strategy of lending to growth companies and risky turnarounds has backfired badly, denting its reputation as a savvy financier

AD BREAKIt pays to be lazy

With a parody on a popular web-series, LazyPay’s new campaign tells users how they can avail hassle-free credit with a single click