Coming home to...

Siyaram is riding the momentum in viscose-based fabrics and its branded garments business

Soumik Kar

When it comes to the popularity different businesses enjoy with investors, analysts and the markets, the textiles industry figures quite low down the pecking order. Which is why the attention centered on Siyaram Silk Mills comes as a bit of surprise. SS Shetty, the textile legend’s CFO, is swamped with interview requests from analysts and investors alike when we meet him at his fifth-floor office in Mumbai’ posh Worli area. But before we can question him about the investor interest in his company — leading mutual funds such as ICICI have been investors for quite some time, with DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Funds (in the June 2014 quarter) and Reliance Mutual Fund (in August) being the latest entrants — Shetty turns the tables and asks us to explain the phenomenon.